Nexus Logistics Offers

Our services are extensive and ever-growing. All aspects of the transport including complex issues of customs and warehousing are easily and efficiently handled by our well trained staffs. Through continuous improvement, we consistently deliver new freight models and innovative solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs. We offer you these services
  • Air Frieght
  • Ocean Frieght
  • Inland and Inter GCC Trucking
  • Customs Clearance
  • Container Terminal & Warehousing
  • Packing, Crating & Lashing
  • Cargo Insurance
Air Frieght

Nexus Logistics organizes your Airfreight imports and exports as full or partial charters. We offer high transparency, high security and high speed and cost effective delivery for your Airfreight imports and exports globally. Our Airfreight service handles consignment of any size and shape. Our network of international air transportation allows as handling with a range of international logistics issues easily. This guarantees that the shipment moves without interruption from end to end. Complex and Simple shipments of any quantity can be easily moved and custom cleared through our network. Our Air transport solutions go beyond traditional offerings from air freight forwarders. Our tractability and tailored services makes our Air carriage customer happy. Thanks to our extensive networking and our agents, we are capable of reaching a wide scope of locations anywhere across the world. With our accurate, guaranteed and cost-effective options, Nexus Logistics can meet your air freight requirements with reliability and proficiency. We take extra care and meticulousness to convey your cargoes and abide by all the aviation and safety regulations, having professional familiarity of customs policies and an upholding global expertise of import/export restrictions. We assist our air forwarders in the post shipment documentation, documents transfer, order follow-up, Custom clearance, temporary warehousing, marking, numbering, insurance & brokerage etc.

Ocean Frieght

Nexus Logistics provides complete sea freight solutions for your goods to reach safely to their worldwide destinations. Nexus Logistics is equipped with an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements, we supply standard Ocean Freight products and supplementary options to secure the space, timing, and rates that fit your precise objectives. Our dedicated shipping divisions provide customers with a flexible and cost-effective range of sea transportation solutions. We expertly handle computerized consignment tracking, export and import consolidation, continuous groupage services, complex documentation and fast customs clearance. As an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) with our Less-than-Container Load (LCL),full-container load (FCL) and break-bulk shipments our clients are privileged to co-load their any type of shipments in a container, to be shipped via Ocean Freight service at a lower cost.

Inland and Inter GCC Trucking

Nexus Logistics's widespread collaborative partnerships enable group and distribution transport within KSA and across Middle East Countries. We undertake Project Cargo Transportation within KSA and to neighboring GCC Countries. Compare to the other international transportation services, Nexus Logistics can handle your local inland Freight movements between all the cities at competitive rates and transit times which ensure cost-effective service. Dedicated trucks are also available as per customer's requirement like haulage from Seaports, Airports with special permits.

Types Of Trucks

  • Small and medium sized trucks ranging from 4 Mtrs with capacity of 3 tons to heavy duty lorries.
  • Semi-trailer - Transportation of majority types of cargoes
  • Flat bed / Truck-trailer with Side Brackets or Side Curtains of various sizes to meet our clients' requirements.
  • Refrigerated truck - Transportation of Perishable goods with special storage conditions.
  • Flat Bed Truck - Transportation of oversized cargoes.
  • Isotherm- Transportation of food. Can keep a certain temperature for a long time
  • Long chassis & Low Bed Trailers in various sizes for transportation of oversized cargoes.

Customs Clearance

Getting through international customs efficiently gives you a competitive advantage. Nexus Logistics's customs services move your shipments through quickly and efficiently.

  • Airport clearance at Jeddah, Dammam & Riyadh
  • Seaport clearance at Jeddah, Dammam & Riyadh
  • Border clearance all over Saudi Arabia
  • Border clearance all other Middle East Countries.
Nexus Logistics also offers customs brokerage services for export, import and transit shipments. We work with import/export customs brokerage experts who are thoroughly versed in local rules and regulations, export and import compliance and the challenges of international trade.
  • Complete document preparation and coordination
  • International correspondents located worldwide
  • Manage shipment entry and clearance with customs
  • Customs Brokers worldwide provide expertise on local routes and regulations

Container Terminal & Warehousing

Nexus Logistics provides you with high-standard warehouses and storage space locally and globally. We manage warehouse and distribution space for a variety of purposes from interim storage and cross docking to complete logistics outsourcing. We provide world class services for clients from all industries and bring reliability and dependability to our distribution process. Our warehousing and distribution capabilities include full-service management. Nexus Logistics can arrange temperature and humidity controlled room for fine art shipments or specialized equipment for loading and unloading unusually large or complex equipment. Our warehouses are the highest in the industry; owing to our technological innovations and the commitment to the client we offer the right warehouse for every product. Nexus Logistics and its group companies are having yard/warehousing facilities in major cities of KSA. This allows us to accomplish entire distribution services on behalf of the client. Innovative solution for storage in owned SOC containers that we provide our clientele avail them with most competitive costing with opportunity to store shipments in safe manner too.

Packing, Crating & Lashing

Nexus Logistics provides Industrial packaging, crating & lashing as a part of our logistics solutions. Nexus Logistics expertise in industrial packaging solutions for general cargo, crating fragile items, sensitive cargo and heavy cargo (generators, turbines, tankers).We offer a broad range of other logistical services like lashing and securing cargo for transport, rigging, wrapping and packing, container packing and unpacking, hazardous cargo packing and heat shrinking. We serve your complex shipping requirements by designing and building any type of crates of any size and shapes specifically for your goods. Nexus Logistics is ready to give effective solution to your packing needs. Our experts can give you on the best and most cost-effective ways to prepare your goods for shipment - whether nationally or internationally. Nexus Logistics assures that your crating, packing & lashing needs are being handled in the most efficient professional manner.

Cargo Insurance

While the global transportation of freight is vital to business world, insuring that freight is crucial for the prosperity of today's shipper and consignee. We offer insurance facilities to meet the unambiguous requirements of clientele to safeguard physical loss or damage to their merchandise during global transit.